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Chemical Name: Cross-linked Polyacrylic Acid Resin

Molecular Structure: - [-CH2-CH-]N-COOH

Appearance: White loose powder

PH Value: 2.5-3.5

Moisture Content %: ≤2.0%

Viscosity:2000~11000 mPa.s

Carboxylic Acid Content %: 56.0—68.0%

Heavy Metal ppm: ≤20ppm

Residual Solvents%: ≤60ppm

Recommended dosage of Carbopol 971: 0.2-1.0%
Electrolyte containing skin care emulsion, cream, transparent gel containing alcohol, transparent skin care gel, hair styling gel, shampoo and shower gel.

Characteristics: It can produce permanent emulsion with a lower viscosity, and the colloid produced by suspensions has a high transparency. It is suitable for oral administration and partially and new drug-delivery, controlled-release matrix and a suspending agent.

Packing Method:10kg Carton        

Quality Standard: CP2015

Shelf Life:three years

Storage and Transportation:This product is non-toxic, flame retardant, as a general shipments of chemicals, sealed and stored in dry place.
Determination method

Method Name: carbomer determination of carbomer potentiometric titration

Application Scope: this method uses potentiometric titration to determine the content of carbomer.
This method is suitable for carbomer.

Method Principle: the sample was dissolved in water, titrated with sodium hydroxide titrant according to the potentiometric titration method, and the content of carbomer was calculated.


1. Water
2. Sodium hydroxide titration solution (0.25mol/l)
3. Reference potassium hydrogen phthalate

Equipment: Sample preparation: 1. Sodium hydroxide titration solution (0.25 mol / L)

Preparation: take 1.4ml of clear saturated sodium hydroxide solution and add new boiling cold water to make it 1000ml.

Calibration: take about 0.6g reference potassium hydrogen phthalate which is dried at 105 ℃ to constant weight, accurately weigh it, add 50ml of newly boiled cold water, shake it to make it dissolve as much as possible; add 2 drops of phenolphthalein indicator solution, titrate with this solution, when approaching the end point, make potassium hydrogen phthalate completely dissolved, titrate until the solution turns pink. Every 1ml sodium hydroxide titrant (0.25mol/l) is equivalent to 51.05mg potassium hydrogen phthalate. According to the consumption of the solution and the amount of potassium hydrogen phthalate, the concentration of the solution is calculated.

Storage: put it in a polyethylene plastic bottle and keep it sealed; there are two holes in the plug, one glass tube is inserted into each hole, one tube is connected with sodium lime tube, and one tube is used for sucking out the liquid.

Operation Steps: take about 0.4g of this product, weigh it accurately, evenly disperse it in 400ml water, stir to dissolve it, titrate with sodium hydroxide titrant (0.25mol/l) according to the potentiometric titration method (at the end point, stir for at least 2 minutes after each drop). Every 1ml sodium hydroxide titrant (0.25mol/l) is equivalent to 11.25mg of – COOH.

Note 1: “precision weighing” means that the weight should be accurate to one thousandth of the weight, and “precise measurement” means that the accuracy of measuring volume should meet the accuracy requirements of the national standard for the volume pipette.

Remarks:our company also provides various types of Carbopol series products.

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