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Name: Carbomer  Carbopol


Carbomer 276 is a crosslinked polyacylate polymer with strong moisturizing ability, acting as high-efficient & low-dosage thickener, stabilizer and suspending agent. It can enhance yield value and rheology of liquid substances, thus it is easy to get insoluble ingredients(granual, oil drop) suspended at low dosage. It is widely used in HI&I applications and those formulations where oxidative stability and cost effectiveness are key requirements. Carbomer 276 is a polymer with crosslinking of poly (dilute ether). It has strong hygroscopicity and acidity (containing carboxyl group). It can be neutralized by basic substances, forming high transparent gel, and high viscosity and tackifier effect. At low dosage, kappa resin can not be affected by temperature to produce high thickening effect, and some insoluble additives (particles, oil drops, etc.) can be suspended. This product is an excellent suspending agent, emulsifier, stabilizer and effective water soluble thickener. It can be used as a transparent substrate for advanced cosmetics. It is widely used in skin care emulsion, cream, transparent skin care gel, hair styling gel, shampoo and shower gel.


High-efficient thickening, suspending and stabilizing ability at low dosage, cost-effective
Excellent stability in oxidizing systems such as those containing chlorine bleach or peroxides.
Effective across a broad range of pH
Suspension and stabilization of insoluble materials and particulates.
Improved   vertical   cling   which   minimizes dripping and increases surface contact times.
Shear thinning rheology suitable for non aerosol sprayable or pumpable product formulations.

图片 1Applications

Automatic dishwashing liquids
General sanitizing applications
Laundry pre-spotters and treatments
Hard surface cleaners
Toilet bowl cleaners
Mold and mildew cleaners
Oven cleaners
Gelled fuels
Alkaline battery

Formula Guidelines

Following operations are forbidden, otherwise result in loss of thickening ability:
Lasting stir or high-shear stir after neutralization
Lasting UV irradiation
Combine with electrolytes
Storage & Handling

Standard Packing: 20kg Carton

Storage: Keep in cool, Dry, Ventilation and Lightless Place.

Shelf Life: 24 months

Remarks: our company also provides various types of Carbopol series products.

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