Carbopol 996

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Name: Carbomer996  Carbopol996

Carbomer 996 Carbopol996 is a cross-linked polyacrylate polymer. It is used as a high-efficient rheology modifier, capable of providing high viscosity, excellent thickening and suspending performance with low-dosage. It is also widely used in O/W lotions and creams as a favorable suspending agent.

Carbopol 996

Features and Benefits  

Short flow properties
High viscosity
High suspending, thickening and stabilizing ability

Recommended Applications

Hair styling gels
Moisturizing gels
Bath gels
Hand, body and face lotions

Formula Guidelines

Typical recommended dosage at 0.2~1.0 wt %.
To disperse Carbomer996 completely, it should be slowly and carefully sprinkled to dispersion medium while the mix is stirred rapidly to avoid formation of lumps; extremely high shear rate mixer should be carefully employed to avoid viscosity loss. 
The ideal viscosity can be achieved at pH ranges of 5.0~10.0 when neutralized; In a hydoalcoholic system, a correct neutralizer must be chosen carefully based on the amount of alcohol to be gelled.  
After neutralization, high-shear and lasting stirring should be avoided to keep stable thickening ability.

Used in skin care products

Hydrophilic thickener, stable emulsifier, suspending agent and gel have good transparency. It is necessary to maintain moderate to weak alkalinity to have consistency. Therefore, it is impossible to coexist with acid active ingredients. In addition, Carbomer is also afraid of salts. Therefore, mineral ions can not be added, otherwise the consistency will disappear and irritation to the eye mucosa. For polymer, the larger the connection number (e.g. carbomer 940), the larger the polymer molecule. Carbopol is the name given by the component manufacturer, most of which are numbered Carbomer, but not all of them.
Packing Method:20kg Carton
Shelf life:24 months

Remarks: our company also provides various types of Carbopol series products.

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