For a long time, the product industry is very cautious about the application of silicone internal release agent. This may have a lot to do with the different understanding and use of the product
There are several misunderstandings about the release agent in silica gel
One. For the impact of printed matter, easy to cause the increase of printing times.
Two. Prepare bonding products for floor mats, resulting in poor adhesion.
3. The appearance of the product is easy to produce bright spots on the surface.
4. Easy to cause frost.
As a result of the above misleading people often miss the opportunity, because of fear and no longer use, resulting in poor performance of silicone release agent can not work. In fact, the long-term use of internal release agent will form a light-weight sliding film on the mold, and the product is easy to demould, especially for silicone products which are difficult to demould. Good use of internal release agent is very helpful to improve the production efficiency, but the time is not short, the experiment needs a reasonable comparison period.
The following factors should be mastered when reasonably using silicone internal mold release agent to determine the details:
One. The choice of silica gel raw materials should not be greedy for cheap. (cheap raw materials, even if there is no problem with the materials, may be unstable due to their short vacuuming and processing time.)
The choice of disulfide agent must be correct, the better the stability (there are other substances with low purity, the faster the product is cooked, the better, but the more stable the better)
3. Don’t go to the extreme. (due to the insufficient sulfur content of the product, especially the selection of fast curing agent, the surface is very good. In fact, the vulcanization curve has not been completed, so frost will come out, which may not be the cause of internal peeling.)
4. Use appropriate amount. (it is only auxiliary, not the main role. The reasonable use of raw materials, auxiliary materials and processing technology will reflect its value.)news_img

Post time: Nov-11-2020