newsLet’s learn about Tween 80 (also known as Tween 80 or polysorbate 80) and Tween 20 (also known as Tween 20) in three different ways
1。 The synthesis of Tween 80 is based on the polymerization of desaturated sorbitol monooleate and ethylene oxide. Synthesis of Tween 20: mixture of polyethylene glycol and part of polyethylene glycol. Tween 80 is a kind of polyol nonionic surfactant, which is commonly used polysorbate. It is widely used in liquid, semi-solid and solid preparations, such as O / W emulsifier, solubilizer, wetting agent, dispersant and stabilizer.
2. Tween 20 uses: for the condensation of disc and ethylene oxide, because its molecules have more hydrophilic polyoxyethylene groups, so it has strong hydrophilicity, as a non-ionic detergent. Commonly used as O/W emulsifier, it can be used in conjunction with twelve alkyl sulfate or span type emulsifier to improve the stability of emulsion. It can also be used as a solubilizer for some drugs. Character of Tween 80: the peroxide value of Tween 80 is not more than 10, which is light yellow to orange viscous liquid; it is slightly smelly. Slightly bitter taste, there is a warm feeling. It is soluble in water, ethanol, methanol or ethyl acetate, but soluble in mineral oil.
Characteristics of Tween 20: Tween 20 is a yellow or amber transparent oily liquid, with a special smell and weak bitter taste. The relative density is 1.01, boiling point & gt; 100 ° C, flash point 321 ° C, refractive index 1.472, viscosity (25 ° C) 0.25 ー 0.40 passec.

Post time: Nov-11-2020