Kapom is everywhere in our daily life, have you noticed it? Today we are going to learn about the USES of this amazing kapom with President Hu from Inoxon New Materials.

1. Protect your skin
Kapok has apparent protective effect to human body skin, it has certain affinity to human body skin, general person puts it in cosmetic, use later, can protect skin, can reduce the stimulation that is opposite human body skin and skin mucous membrane and injury, can prevent the happening of all sorts of allergy symptom.

2. Uv radiation
Carbomer is active, it is applied in human skin, can enhance the resistance of human skin to ULTRAVIOLET ray, can reduce the harm of ultraviolet ray to human skin, when using in summer, add carbomer to prevent basking in things, will have a particularly ideal sunscreen effect, can prevent the skin to become black can also prevent the skin from being burned by ultraviolet ray.

3. Reduce the viscosity
Carbomer is a loose, highly hygroscopic acid substance that can be added to the production of gels or cosmetics. It can reduce the viscosity of these substances and keep their properties stable. In the current industrial production, carbomer is an important ingredient in cosmetics and gels.

4. Anti-inflammatory and antiseptic
Capoeum is also a natural medicinal ingredient, which can diminish inflammation and kill bacteria. Currently, capoeum eye drops are sold in the medical market. It is a medicine made with it as the main raw material.

5. Ensure the quality of cosmetics
Carbomer is a chemical neutralizer. It plays a very important role in the production of cosmetics. It can hold the various ingredients together and keep them in a stable state


Post time: Nov-11-2020