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Main Applications: The molecular weight of Polyethylene glycol 600 is larger than that of Polyethylene glycol 400 while the large solubility in water is smaller by comparison between them. The polyethylene glycol 400 is a liquid and has a broad compatibility with various solvents, so it is a good solvent and solubilizer and is widely used in liquid preparations, such as the oral solution, eye drops and so on. When the vegetable oil is not suitable for a co-active ingredient carrier material, the polyethylene glycol is the preferred substitute material because the polyethylene glycol is stable and non-perishable. Besides, the injections containing polyethylene glycol are very safe and stable as long as it has been heated to 150 degrees Celsius. Injections, eye drops and other liquid preparations.PEG-400, 600, 800: used as matrix of medicine and cosmetics, lubricant and wetting agent in rubber industry and textile industry. Adding PEG-600 to electrolyte in metal industry can enhance the grinding effect and enhance the luster of metal surface.

Packing Method: 50kg plastic drum        

Quality Standard: CP2015

Shelf Life:Three years 
Storage and Transportation: This product is non-toxic, flame retardant, as a general shipments of chemicals, sealed and stored in dry place.
Polyethylene glycol is widely used in many pharmaceutical preparations, such as injections, topical preparations, ophthalmic preparations, oral and rectal preparations. Solid grade polyethylene glycol can be added with liquid polyethylene glycol to adjust viscosity for topical ointment; polyethylene glycol mixture can be used as suppository matrix; polyethylene glycol aqueous solution can be used as suspension aid or to adjust the viscosity of other suspension media; polyethylene glycol and other emulsifiers can be used to increase emulsion stability. In addition, polyethylene glycol is also used as film coating agent, tablet lubricant and controlled-release material.

Remarks: our company also provides various types of Carbopol series products.

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