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IMG20180320120451PEG-4000 is used in tablet, capsule, film, dropping pill, suppository, etc.
PEG-4000 and 6000 are used as excipients in pharmaceutical industry, preparation of suppository and paste, coating agent in paper industry to increase luster and smoothness of paper, additive in rubber industry to increase lubricity and plasticity of rubber products, reduce power consumption in processing and prolong service life of rubber products.
It can be used as matrix in medicine and cosmetics industry to adjust viscosity and melting point, lubricant and coolant in rubber and metal processing industry, dispersant and emulsifier in pesticide and pigment industry, antistatic agent and lubricant in textile industry.
Due to the plasticity of PEG and its ability to release drugs, high molecular weight PEG (PEG4000, PEG6000, peg8000) is very useful as an adhesive for tablet manufacturing. Peg can make the surface of tablets glossy and smooth, and not easy to be damaged. In addition, a small amount of high molecular weight PEG (PEG4000, PEG6000, peg8000) can prevent the adhesion between sugar coated tablets and between bottles.

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Water content(%)

PH value

1%Aqueous solution)


Milky White solid







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This series of products are usually soluble in water and various organic solvents, but insoluble in aliphatic hydrocarbons, benzene, ethylene glycol, etc. It will not hydrolyze and deteriorate. It has excellent stability, lubricity, water solubility, moisture retention, adhesion and thermal stability. Therefore, as lubricant, moisturizer, dispersant, adhesive, sizing agent, etc., in pharmacy, cosmetics, rubber, plastics, chemical fiber, paper making, paint, electroplating, pesticide, metal processing, food processing and other industries are widely used.
Packing Specification:liquid original 230kg galvanized barrel packaging. Solid Original 25kg Kraft paper bag packaging.
Storage:This product can be transported according to General Chemicals. Store in a dry and ventilated place to avoid sunlight and rain.
Remarks:our company also provides various types of PEG series products.

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