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Polyethylene glycol 10000 – properties

This product is white granular material. Soluble in water, soluble in some organic solvents. Its solution has high viscosity at low concentration, and can be processed by calendering, extrusion and casting. It is a thermoplastic resin with good compatibility with other resins. It is resistant to bacterial erosion and has weak hygroscopicity in the atmosphere.

Polyethylene glycol 10000 – Standard

This product is a mixture of ethylene oxide and water. The molecular formula is expressed as Ho (CH2CH2O) NH, where n represents the average number of oxyvinyl groups.

Polyethylene glycol 10000 – preparation method

Ethylene oxide is self polymerized with aluminum isopropoxide as catalyst.

Polyethylene glycol 10000 – properties

This product is colorless or almost colorless viscous liquid, or translucent waxy soft substance; slightly odorous.
The product is soluble in water or ethanol, but insoluble in ether

Polyethylene glycol 10000 – uses

Poly (ethylene oxide) resin is a high molecular weight homopolymer formed by ring opening polymerization of ethylene oxide by heterogeneous catalysis. The former is called polyethylene glycol and the latter is polyoxyethylene. Polyethylene oxide (PEO) has the properties of flocculation, thickening, slow release, lubrication, dispersion, retention and water retention. It is suitable for medicine, chemical fertilizer, papermaking, ceramics, detergents, cosmetics, heat treatment, water treatment, fire protection, oil exploitation and other industries. The product is non-toxic and non irritant, and will not remain, deposit or breed volatile substances in the product generation process. As a papermaking additive, it can increase the retention rate of filler and fine fiber, especially suitable for dispersant of long fiber and shorten beating time.

Polyethylene glycol 10000 – Safety

It has little irritation to skin and eyes, and is difficult to be absorbed by gastrointestinal tract after oral administration, and the toxicity is very low. Injection of a 5% (mass) aqueous solution of polyethylene oxide into the eyes of rabbits caused only slight burns. PEO had little effect on the death rate of fish, crab, Anemone, shrimp or algae. Its resin and aqueous solution are low toxic, and safe to use and handle. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has approved the use of polyethylene oxide aqueous solution resin for special food packaging and beer direct additives.

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Milky White solid







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