Polyethylene Glyeol 1500

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Main Applications:Ointments, suppositories, cream.
Because of the higher melting point and wide range of water-soluble, being used alone or blended with other solvents, the polyethylene glycol 1000-4000 can help achieve a melting point range where time and place of saving are in line with requirements of drugs and physical effects. The irritation from PEG matrix suppository is less than that from traditional oil matrix.

Packing Method:50kg plastic drum

Quality Standard:CP2015

Shelf Life:Three years

Storage and transportation: This product is non-toxic, flame retardant, as a general shipments of chemicals, sealed and stored in dry place.
Peg-1000, PEG-1500: used as matrix or lubricant and softener in pharmaceutical, textile and cosmetic industries; used as dispersant in coating industry to improve the water dispersibility and flexibility of the resin with the dosage of 10-30% It can improve the solubility of dyes and reduce their volatility. It is especially suitable for waxed paper and printing pad inks. It can also be used to adjust the viscosity of ink in ballpoint pen ink. It can be used as dispersant in rubber industry to promote vulcanization and as dispersant for carbon black filling.
Polyethylene glycol and polyethylene glycol fatty acid ester are widely used in cosmetics industry and pharmaceutical industry. Because of its mild, moist, water-soluble, water-soluble, hydrophilic and so on. Different molecular weight fractions of polyethylene glycol can be selected to change the viscosity, hygroscopicity and microstructure of the products.

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Molecular weight

Solidification point℃

Water content(%)

PH value

1%Aqueous solution)


Milky White solid







Remarks: our company also provides various types of PEG series products.

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