Polyethylene Glyeol 6000

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Polyethylene glycol is widely used in many pharmaceutical preparations, such as injections, topical preparations, ophthalmic preparations, oral and rectal preparations. Solid grade polyethylene glycol can be added with liquid polyethylene glycol to adjust viscosity for topical ointment; polyethylene glycol mixture can be used as suppository matrix; polyethylene glycol aqueous solution can be used as suspension aid or to adjust the viscosity of other suspension media; polyethylene glycol and other emulsifiers can be used to increase emulsion stability. In addition, polyethylene glycol is also used as film coating agent, tablet lubricant and controlled-release material.

Main Application

tablets, film-coat, pills, capsules, suppositories and so on.

Dropping Pill Matrix

The polyethylene glycol is a useful matrix for preparation of solid dispersions of insoluble drugs, and its advantages mainly are as follows
(1) The molecular weight of organic substances are mostly less than 400 or 500, while the molecular weight of the polyethylene glycol are 1500, 4000 and 6000, thus it can form an interstitial solid solution.
(2) After a drug dissolved process, it is very difficult to be rapidly cooled to form drug nucleation. Under a low temperature, the time used for curing is very short due to a higher medium viscosity, so the solute can form crystallites.
(3) The polyethylene glycol is transparent in the range of visible and ultraviolet light, so in content determination and dissolution tests, it can be directly detected using visible or ultraviolet light.
(4) PEG is a crystalline water-soluble polymer, and there are two units of spiral in each unit of molecules. When the ethylene glycol has its curing, large amounts of drugs are involved in such the spiral-shaped interstitial spaces. In addition, as a matrix, it can drive a higher dissolution rate of contain objects.

Packing Method:25kg kraft paper bag

Quality Standard: CP2015

Shelf Life: Three years

Storage and Transportation: This product is non-toxic, flame retardant, as a general shipments of chemicals, sealed and stored in dry place.

Remarks: our company also provides various types of PEG series products.

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